Thank you Mr. Harry Lennix:  
Let us go on record at 
as making clear that we respect and agree with 
Mr. Harry Lennix's comments about the movie, 

In an interview with SHADOW AND ACT:  

...when asked if he constantly has to think about the 
image he is portraying as a Black Man every time he does a role?

"I think about it every day and any time that a role is offered, and believe me 
lots of crummy roles are offered. But at this point people know better than to 
mess with me with a lot of these things. For example Lee Daniels sent me the 
script for that film he’s making now, The Butler, about the black butler at the 
White House. I read five pages of this thing and could not go any further. I 
tried to read more of it, and I’m not a soft spoken guy, but it was such an 
appalling mis-direction of history in terms of taking an actual guy who 
worked at the White House. But then he “niggerfies” it. He "niggers" it up and
he gives people these stupid, luddite, antediluvian ideas about black people 
and their roles in the historical span in the White House and it becomes… 
well... historical porn. I refused."

..."And people want to see these images so they’ll say things 

like: “It’s a very difficult movie to look at, but it’s great movie.” 

That’s a contradiction in terms. That’s a paradox. It can’t be that 

it’s a great movie, but it’s difficult to look at. You know what I 

mean? (laughs) Why would you put these images out there? But 

clearly the critics, many of them, love to see this kind of material 

and love to see us in these types of roles."

..."Because it feeds into the great lie that is being 

perpetrated by the most important medium, the most 

powerful export that the United States has to offer which is 

entertainment. The most powerful tool that they have and it has 

kept us in a place, men in dresses and things, raping their 

daughters and things. While any sort of aberrant behavior 

happens in any community, it has become normative in black 

cinema that we are these bestial, deprived people, and I refuse 

to play with that."

..."I’ll never take part in it. They can kiss my ass (laughs). 

But it’s not going to happen."

Harry, we appreciate your courage, integrity, intelligence and good sense. 

Art Washington                                                                                                          

ps.  And Harry, remind me to tell you about the time one of us said "no" to 
Steven Spielberg--and got fired.  I suspect the Spielberg fella still has no real 
understanding as to why...  bottom line, we need more like you.  
Learning... making adjustments... and evolving--as we go; while trying to have as much doggone fun as possible.
Picture's from 5 years ago when the now "officially old" Old Man was a "young" Old Man.

...wanted to take a group photo but no one else showed up.  Chickens.
1967-- Freshman Year, Lycoming College (Division III)  I'll be damned; the record still stands in 2019/52 years!  88 yard punt return for a touchdown!  (...and these "old man" days, feelin' all the collisions...)