Submitted names of those who prefer "Black American" over "African American".

(thank you)
Art Washington
Zack Waterfire
Summer Luna
Steven A. Watkins
John Daryl Blouin
Danielle Oliver
Aquom Brooks
Bobbie Jackson
Didi Tillson
Lamar R.
Danielle Thomas
Jaime Ramos, Sr.
Essie Vanrader
Cheryl Brown-Powell
Antonio Ray
Kendora Wilson
Kirby McPhaul
Anthony Ellison
Ruth Augustin
John W. Godley
Eric Green
Corene Darden-Smith
Ethel Arita
Walter A. Wardlaw
Tamera Livingston
Cher'ie Walker
Brenisha West
Carlos Stzedukes
Juliete Satchell
Marsha Riley
Julie Smith
Chris Wilson
Cherri Reams

Trotter Blackstone© is a product of a handful of Native Black American minds working together. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous. All of us prefer, as much as is reasonably possible, to remain secondary to our output. The Trotter Blackstone “collective” may change from time to time, as contributors come and go.  Differ as we might on some thoughts and opinions, the one thing we hope to always have in common is our deep roots in the unique Native Black American history, 

It is NOT the “White Man” who is Native Black America’s biggest problem—these days.  It is the Native Black American who is 

the Native Black American’s biggest problem.


intention of avoiding a few pretty damn obvious Truths.  

Our biggest problem is us.