Smokey Robinson on "Black American" versus "African American" misnomer...(he nails it)
We'll wait for the next Harriet Tubman movie...

Enrivo joins a long line of "Africans" and "foreign Blacks" come-to-America who put down Native Black Americans in ways subtle and overt.  "They" know it's true and "we" know it's true. ( posts, Enrivo mocks Black English with the same kind of disrespect a White who is mocking Black Americans would effect.  Native Black Americans who "deal real" know disrespect is a common fact with many Blacks who come here from other places. They use Native Black American gains where advantageous--and show underlying disrespect when relating their true feelings.   
BBC did an interview and reported: “English actress Cush Jumbo says British black actors are being given roles in America over their US counterparts because "we are better”.”  


Ms. Jumbo needs to sit with a Black American veteran of “the business” who can help her see the “real”.  I suggest she learn something about the quirky nature of many in the American film business who undervalue talents of historically steeped-in-Black American Culture, homegrown Black actors—in favor of “something else”.  

Ironic that Ms. Jumbo complains of being “undervalued” in her native Britain for being “Black”, while blindly(and ignorantly/wrongly) undervaluing the talent of Black American actors she is given “quirky” preference over.  Some of whom, I KNOW, are better suited for some roles based on—if nothing else, deep understanding of the nuances of being a generations-deep “historical Black” in America.  I’ve seen Ms. Jumbo—she's talented, no doubt.  But she's got nothin' on Angela Bassett(talk about an under-utilized talent)... and a whole bunch of other "Native" Black American actresses.    

I would even go so far as to suggest there are many—who can portray Black American women with far more “authenticity” than you, Ms Jumbo.  Same with Black American men actors.  I’ve seen guys come through auditions who are far more dynamic, commanding, charismatic—and just as well-trained—as some of the British fellows who’ve gotten preference via the “quirkies”.  

And then there is the “business” side belief that foreign distribution might be better served by having “foreigners” in place of “Americans”; particularly “Black” Americans.  

Have some respect.  There's work for you because a lot of folks you dissed have worked over generations to "create" opportunities. Opportunities you, apparently, do not have in your native Britain.

While we offer Native Black American Ancestor HARRIET TUBMAN Custom Embroidered 13 Star Shirts and Caps, we DEFINITELY will never see the upcoming movie version of HARRIET TUBMAN. (We'll wait for the version with one of the many fine Native Black American actresses who are getting passed over of  late for European/foreign-market money potential by those in control of movie business who could care less about legacy/specific relationship of Native Black Americans to their culture, Ancestors and history.

...MOVING ON to a POSITIVE collection of folks who definitely respect one another(FIGHTERS, no less!):
Andy Ruiz, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua--pick one or pick all of them.  What's not to like.  We will feature them; one at a time.


Only one person on the stage tonight could beat Trump.  And that was Ryan from Ohio.  And we don't mean beat Trump in the election.  We just mean would beat his ass behind the barn.

We liked some of the folks.  But the ideas of the so-called "winners"? (Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?) No way either one of those two beats Trump.  We like Warren--but not all of her ideas.  'Suspect they're way too liberal for most of the folks who'd actually take the time to vote.

We'll see what tomorrow brings...