"COMMON DAMN SENSE"... THANK YOU!             AW  4-30-23
"I am against people participating in women's sports who are biologically male," Kennedy told Michael Smerconish. "I think women have worked too hard to develop women's sports over the past 30 years. I watched it happen, and I don't think that's fair."   RFK, JR.
                                                Picture Attribution: Gage Skidmore

"Zelenskyy"...listening...learning... for myself     AW 5-16-23

                      ATTENTION TODAY...                        AW 5-15-23
       many things I felt compelled to say about this material. 
                            'Best thing I can do is simply say:

                                                                                                               AW 5-12-23
...while they may not be in lock-step(Clare Daly - MPE/Ireland)...even Trump
 speaks for finding a peace agreement over continued death and destruction in
 Ukraine...                                                                                                                                                                          AW 5-9-23
...if you stumble onto this site(or are a regular visitor)...I encourage you to take a
 listen to the exchange between Colonel Douglas Macgreggor and presidential
 candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in the video below.  Thanks.                    AW 5-8-23
I ordered the T-shirt... I will order cups, hats, stickers, flags, yard-signs,
 bobbleheads, pins and whatever else this Kennedy fella offers. I'm serious as
 a case of ex-lax diarrhea at a Pentecostal Prayer Meetin'.

If you want continued swamp-politics bulldukey, vote for one of the other
 bulldukey compromised puppets or a wanna be King.

But if you want deep-rooted throwback American Solid from git? Mr. Kennedy
 is  the best choice far...this time around. Bet.                        AW 5-6-23
                                             ALL IN
..."NEWS DUDE"(below) jus' put his butt on the "scale" with his
 (couldn't help himself)  "personal" comment on HIS vote. Lucky
 his ass don't weigh much... 
                                                   ...LET THE WOMEN ON SHOW TALK... BETTER "REPORTERS"...                   AW 5-3-23
...I am "listening"... and frankly?  I'm likin' this guy.                              AW 5-2-23
I'm 'bout to add my mellow voice
 to this beautiful old face. We got
 some stuff to talk about. Like:
 GOIN' ON?!"
Not a "fan" of Tucker Carlson(*BUT also NOT a fan of the
 "opinionators" on CNN--or most other "clear-bias" quasi-
 propaganda-as-news channels/sources) .

That said--there's obviously some pretty obvious Truth to what his
 esteemed special guest, ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. speaks to in
 this important interview.

What does it mean?  How will the country be affected?
 Plusses/Minuses per the way this is being done?  Because no matter
 what IS being done.   Did we knowingly vote for this?  

At end, has kinda looked at recent
 political swamp maneuverings as "Frying Pan or Fire".  With a
 TON of obscuring bullshit to muddy how different "agendas" are
 being instituted/executed.  Democrat and Republican. 
 And "Others".

Our conclusion?  Not sure we can achieve it--and it matters
 BIGTIME- BUT-we need to/MUST find and elect better
 leadership folks to govern. 

Can it be done in time?  The games being played are as much
 "swamp" staged theater--as anything else.  For power.  Biden and
 Harris are FAR from the best we have among us. But--the
 alternatives?  You tell us...

Where are the John F. Kennedys/Adam Clayton Powells of today?
                                                                                              AW -  1 YEAR AGO/'22 
                                                                                                     ("reworked" 4-29-23)
...was around for The KENNEDYS...his kin. They "grew" over their political
 careers.  'Like this guy.

"America" and "Kennedy" fit. 

ONLY reservation(and it's a big one). While I strongly believe in Rodney King's
 words as something for mankind to strive toward?  We ain't anywhere NEAR
 there yet. "Can' t we all just get along", said Mr. Rodney King.  So far? 
 Answer:  "NOPE."

 Cut to chase:  "...he who has the greatest power, flies the highest flag." -  AW
 I believe that. And in a world where the more powerful call the shots...and the
 "strong(er)" set the rules and order of things?  Minimizing your military on
 planet Earth just yet?  Naaa.  Bad idea.  VERY bad idea. 

 Russia, as he speaks, 'rollin' into and over Ukraine...?
PROOF that the "stronger" STILL "take" from those who can't defend...  or will

 *now, it ain't a bad idea for Mr. Kennedy to lead a "take-back" to rein-in
 and root-out those un-elected-behind-the-scenes cabal-connected "usurper-
 influencers" who slithered into American power positions and who do nefarious
 self-serving shit for THEIR "inner-sanctum" cabal VIA the "puppets" they've
 "maneuvered".  I "trust" this "Kennedy"...jus' not sure he's got priorities and
 understanding lined up right...just yet.  But LISTENIN'! AND HOPIN'...
                                                                                                                                         AW 4-29-23
A Black man(escaped slave?), Crispus Attucks, is historically
 recorded as the first man to die in/for the American
 Revolution... he lay in state and was celebrated at the time...

Attucks was a "Native Black American".  In his case Attucks
 was, apparently, a mixture of Black and Native American... 

American History is full of similar irony and little known
 "contribution/building block/deep roots" facts. Native Black
 American Ancestors have been involved in EVERY SECOND
 of American development/existence.  

Native Black American Ancestors have fought/bled/died in
 EVERY American war--foreign and domestic. KNOW IT.  

Today's "Native Black American" is defined by blood-deep
 roots, centuries of being in and of this land--evolving,
 contributing and changing along with "America".  AND
 CHANGING America.

Native Black Americans are a unique and specific people.  

If your DIRECT "known" Family roots go back CENTURIES
 to slavery...and you are identified as "Black/Negro"---you
 are...along with everything else... a "Native Black American".  

"Native Black Americans" are unique in America. Distinct. It is
 a strength, culture, history and power to build on going
 forward. Own it.                                                                        AW 8-4-21

 ON IT...

BUT SERIOUSLY... poster below to check out movie on
 an American too many know too little about:
*start at beginning*  
Thank You
                                                                                                                                                                                                        AW 7-28-21

...jus' freegin' LOVE watchin' these 2 do their thing...
       ...I keep comin' back...                                           click pic, enjoy...