ON FEBRUARY 9, 2021 - Work begins on the script for the INDEPENDENT movie "THE NATIVE BLACK AMERICAN".   In coming year, we will be seeking investors(if we need them), contributions, staff, crew and--of course--talent(Actors).  We will intermittently post here to keep you aware of our progress. 

To those who have been following/supporting this site, "Thank You". 

We look forward to accomplishing the movie--hopefully--in honor of those(like Congressman Adam Clayton Powell *watch movie about him, linked below)--who worked hard and smart  and gained much while avoiding allowing themselves to be cast/used as subservients, dupes, puppets, owned/controlled/media-propaganda promoted, manipulated speakers for and leaders of... 

Watch the movie, below(writer-AW/uncredited-ACPIII)
Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
is the last true/savvy
"Native Black American"
political-power difference maker.
Powell worked "inside" the system
with Kennedy and others and "outside"
the system with Malcolm X and
others of the time to make historic
gains for all Americans. 
Powell was nobody's "puppet" or "dupe".
                                                                  AW 11-7-20

...'Sure couldda used him
or someone like him
--starting around 2008...

Slave-Descendant-Been-Here Negroes got "Mossed" "Used" "Manipulated" "Played" "Fleeced" AND "Chumped"!

...and most don't seem to know it...
In RESPONSE to someone "appreciating" KEEP THE FAITH, BABY--a movie (link featured here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkIZdGhR6ZA&feature=emb_logo )...   AW 2-20-21

BIG "THANK YOU". In my not so humble opinion,
Doug McHenry(Director) is one of the best and brightest to use
his immense God-Given talents in Hollywood. As with many
things I feel I've seen/learned over this Lifetime--where creating
images for Native Black Americans is concerned--"I" feel
Mr. McHenry's talents were not met with opportunity anywhere near
equal to his talents. Good news is--'means of "doing" is not as dependent
on the gatekeepers/"controllers" in movie/television business...moving
forward. Result: hopefully more empowering stuff that doesn't
have behind the scenes "money-controller-gatekeeper CHOOSERS"
putting THEIR spin, control, demeaning little pieces of bullshit cliches
in what gets "greenlighted"--and presented. We've had generations of
subtle to overt demeaning crap put on
Black characters/stories, etc.(put into the heads, minds, psyches,
self-images of all who pass through). Still happening--but the
means to do WITHOUT "THEIR" spin is growing. What happened
to Powell, Malcolm, Ali, Dr. King--is still very much in play--but more
"nuanced". It's the Young, Future Generations I'm concerned about. PORTRAYALS MATTER. Hope for the Future? More Young are talking
to each other--straight up. Concerns? Means of "control" because of technology(and money games) are giving greater power to
indoctrinate(cabal-owned mass media, press, money-in-politics, etc.).
self-appointed overseers. It's a race. Do we maintain our
basic human natures and freedoms to think, explore and express--
or do we become "uber-controlled" servants to...
We have no Adam Clayton Powells in politics or power
today(that I can think of...) yet.
Let's go new/future generations...DO BETTER. 
                                                                                         AW 2-20-21