...a movie we are proud to have been a part of...

...'will make an exception and comment on this one. 

...'did TONS of research on Ms. Harris LONG AGO--WOW!  

'Concluded: 'Last person who should be anywhere NEAR representative politics.  ESPECIALLY per "Native Black Americans"(felt somewhat similar per Obama/Native Black Americans when he was "chosen"--and groomed/positioned)

Day she quit race--'was "relieved".  Her usage(w/ help of master manipulators behind her) of Native Black Americans was driving me nuts.  

THEN...I noticed owned-media articles subtle cleanup. 'Was thinking "NO FREEGIN' WAY"... Biden's wife and others seemed not to trust or like her much... and on and on:

 Willie Brown suggested she go in another direction; her brilliant Father voiced his problems with "identity politics" she and her "handlers" made a tool of...;  folks who'd worked with her not supporting... and on and on.  

Fact is... I didn't "dislike" her.  Jus' didn't want her thrown in power like some of the "huh?" arrangements I'd experienced ALL OVER Hollywood.  Folks who weren't even good empty suits/empowered "kin".   

Saw her as a tool of the insufferable "Arrogant/Money Empowered" Bozos behind her.  

I'll be damned... they swung my worst nightmare for Black Folks in politics and History!  

You can look thru my archives and see I was fearful since beginning.  

Methinks("I", dammit) her arrogant backers overplayed their hand on this one.  Even as easily manipulated as some of my Folks tend to be? 

With exception of only those who can make some money--or the kind-hearted go-alongs... Ms. Harris?  Kindly put?  Should be doin' somethin' else. 

Ms. Harris is about as bad a fit at VP as I'd be at teachin' ADVANCED QUANTUM PHYSICS at M.I.T.--

Difference?     I know it...