I'm 'bout to add my mellow voice to this beautiful old face. We got some stuff to talk about. Like:  "WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN' ON?!"
Not a "fan" of Tucker Carlson(*BUT also NOT a fan of the "opinionators" on CNN--or most other "clear-bias" quasi-propaganda-as-news channels/sources) .

That said--there's obviously some pretty obvious Truth to what Carlson says, here.  

Following question?  How do WE "been-here American citizens" feel about it? (was pointed out to me how hard it is to become citizens of MANY "countries" on the planet--why is that?).  

What does it mean?  How will the country be affected?  Plusses/Minuses per the way this is being done?  Because no matter what IS being done.  Would we, as "Americans-longstanding", endorse/support this?  Did we knowingly vote for this?  

At end, has kinda looked at recent political swamp maneuverings as "Frying Pan or Fire".  With a TON of obscuring bullshit to muddy how different "agendas" are being instituted/executed.  Democrat and Republican.  And "Others".

Our conclusion?  Not sure we can achieve it--and it matters BIGTIME- BUT-we need to/MUST find and elect better leadership folks to govern. 

Can it be done in time?  The games being played are as much "swamp" staged theater--as anything else.  For power.  Biden and Harris are FAR from the best we have among us. But--the alternatives?  You tell us...

Where are the John F. Kennedys/Adam Clayton Powells of today?
A Black man(escaped slave?), Crispus Attucks, is historically recorded as the first man to die in/for the American Revolution... he lay in state and was celebrated at the time...

Attucks was a "Native Black American".  In his case Attucks was, apparently, a mixture of Black and Native American... 

American History is full of similar irony and little known "contribution/building block/deep roots" facts. Native Black American Ancestors have been involved in EVERY SECOND of American development/existence.  

Native Black American Ancestors have fought/bled/died in EVERY American war--foreign and domestic. KNOW IT.  

Today's "Native Black American" is defined by blood-deep roots, centuries of being in and of this land--evolving, contributing and changing along with "America".  AND CHANGING America.

Native Black Americans are a unique and specific people.  

If your DIRECT "known" Family roots go back CENTURIES to slavery...and you are identified as "Black/Negro"---you are...along with everything else... a "Native Black American".  

"Native Black Americans" are unique in America. Distinct. It is a strength, culture, history and power to build on going forward. Own it.

                                                                 AW 8-4-21


BUT SERIOUSLY... poster below to check out movie on an American too many know too little about:
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